About us

New Zealand Korean Lawyers Association (“NZKLA”) first launched on 4th September 2007. It is estimated that there were around 46 New Zealand Korean lawyers in New Zealand. Since then, despite many more New Zealand Korean lawyers were admitted to the bar, the NZKLA’s operations lessened and by the mid-2010s, NZKLA was no longer in existence.

Growth of New Zealand Korean Lawyers
As New Zealand Korean lawyers grew in numbers and in experience, the depth of the talent became deeper and wider.

By 2023, there were New Zealand Korean lawyers working as partners in prestigious firms in New Zealand and overseas. Some of the members were regularly appearing in the Court of Appeal and many were appearing as litigators at the courts around New Zealand. There were many prosecutors at the Crown, Police and other government departments. Some were appointed as adjudicators at the Tenancy Tribunal.

Rebirth of NZKLA
Despite there being no “official” NZKLA gatherings, New Zealand Korean lawyers still kept their relationships strong. Every year, New Zealand Korean lawyers met for end of year dinners as well as other social gatherings. Some of the members got together to formally incorporate NZKLA again before the pandemic but the rebirth was put on hold until 2023. In 2023, finally NZKLA formally resumed its existence. This time, becoming an incorporated society recognised by the New Zealand Law Society.

Vision of NZKLA
NZKLA’s primary goals are to provide legal support to the Korean community in New Zealand, support Korean law students by scholarships, mentoring and clerkship opportunities and foster networks amongst its members.

Together we are strong.