NZKLA Launch Party August 2023

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Seminar: How was it working overseas?

NZKLA 세미나 시리즈
해외 변호사 근무 생생 후기
“How was it working overseas”

Ever wondered what it would be like working overseas?

Come along to hear firsthand from NZKLA lawyers talking about their experience working overseas – Singapore, UK and Korea.

최기람 변호사 Samuel Choi
Hudson Gavin Martin
2 years in the UK

정우진 변호사 Daniel Jung
Hudson Gavin Martin
6 years in Singapore

배진 변호사 Jin Bae
7 years in Korea

5:30 pm
Friday 24 May 2024
Hudson Gavin Martin
Level 16, 45 Queen Street, Auckland

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Seminar: How was it working overseas?

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